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For centuries, Dartmoor has played host to fireside tales of magic and folklore which have been passed down through generations.

The local traditions of arts & crafts are something that have also been passed down and the established skills of history are still being practised on Dartmoor today.

I have been pleasing my customers from all over the world for over 10 years with my range of high-quality crafted goods. 

I combine innovative and classical designs using traditional skills and tools and embed the deep historical conventions of Dartmoor within my work.

Everything I make is designed and hand crafted in my small studio, nestled in the depths of the Dartmoor hills.

I combine traditional and modern techniques to make things from leather, fabrics, wood, metals including precious and semi precious stones. To create items that are not only unique but also timeless and made to last.

I take great pride in my craft and will work with you every step of our journey together; so you develop a relationship with your handcrafted item as much as I do.

From the design to the selection of the materials and the manufacturing. Sending you photos along the way. You will soon find out that my products are individual works of art.

PRODUCTS & Commissions